Fresh Milk 1L in a deposit glass bottle


How it works:

When it is your first time buying Fresh Milk from Xao Ban in a deposit glass bottle, you will be paying the deposit amount of 20.000 Kip per bottle.

With your next order onwards you can use the deposit code, so you do not have to pay for the deposit of 20.000 kip again.




2 bottles = 2MILKGLASSDEPO

3 bottles = 3MILKGLASSDEPO

4 bottles = 4MILKGLASSDEPO

5 bottles = 5MILKGLASSDEPO

6 bottles = 6MILKGLASSDEPO

The deposit code works ONLY if you have Fresh Milk from Xao Ban in your cart and it must be your 2nd order onwards. 


 NOTE: The deposit code for 1 bottle will not work if you have 2 bottles in your cart. If you have 2 bottles in your cart, use the code for 2 bottles etc...


If you have any question just chat with us.

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