Book your personal RIMPING SHOPPER with Shopping-D



1. Click on the "Buy Now" button and pay a flat fee of 10,00 USD (85.000 Kip only) with your PayPal account or Credit card which include SERVICE CHARGE & FREE DELIVERY.

2. Fill out the form below, so we know who you are. :)

3. We will use your phone number or email to add you on Shopping-D Shopper Messenger or Whatsapp. ( Communication purpose only)

4. Your personal Shopping-D Shopper will contact you through Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp on the date and time that you booked him or her.

5. We will use our phone camera, so you see what we see while we do the physical shopping for you. (Optional)

6. You pay what´s on the bill from RIMPING. We will NOT mark up any prices. 


Book your personal Shopping-D Shopper and get FREE DELIVERY


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