CHIU CHIU Arabica Coffee Medium Roast 1000g


Get your coffee from your farmer, exclusively!



We work slowly and at nature's pace - to fulfill our mission of growing great coffee and preserving and regenerating the world's forests.


Slow Coffee is grown by 37 individual smallholder families on the Bolaven Plateau in Laos, whom all grow their coffee under the gentle shade of trees, practicing the art of agroforestry. 

This coffee lot was grown by the following Slow farmers. Please click through to visit their farms and learn more about them:


The carefully adjusted roast level of our Medium Roast brings out the delicate sweetness and aroma of the deliberately chosen beans and creates a soft balance between acidity and body, making our Medium Roast a preference for a lot of coffee drinkers. Look for notes of dark chocolate, raisins and fruit toffee. Best sipped slowly so you can savor the rich flavors. It goes great with the morning paper, a fireside chat with loved ones, or simply when you’re on your own reflecting on the mysteries of life.

Our Medium Roasted coffee has been grown to you by Families Samlieng and Ngae.

Dosing: 62 g / litre

As always, we encourage you to sip slowly… But that doesn’t mean you need to forget a second (or third) cup. Drink anytime, anywhere, with anyone. And, most importantly, enjoy.


Would like to know about our coffee and our mission?

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