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Hibiscus jelly is obtained by cooking fresh hand-picked flowers (calyces) in a sugar syrup in order to extract their flavour. The syrup is then jellified to obtain the desired texture.

Hibiscus Jelly's taste is close to Raspberry, Cranberry and Rhubarb, with a slight acidity. 100% NATURAL, non GMO, non irradiated and gluten-free. Processed in a gluten-free facility.

• As an ingredient or filling in pastry and confectionery or simply spread on a slice of bread.

Data sheet

Weight/Capacity: 360ml
Ingredient(S): 50.0 % Sugar, 48.1 % Water (Hibiscus Infusion), 1.1 % Lime Juice,      0.6 % Pectin, 0.2 % Citric Acid.
Origin: Lao

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